Total Health Booster-Recipe 3 of 20

When you spend a large part of your life being fat, it’s hard to find tasty foods that are healthy to eat on a daily or weekly basis. I also like to have things that are easy to make. I found this recipe on

It’s pretty simple but I’ve changed it a little bit.  I peel the skin of the apple off and eat it rather then blend it up. I just like the texture better without the skin in the drink. I also squeeze a quarter of a lemon and let the drink sit overnight. It tastes a lot better when you let it sit and chill for a few hours.

I am becoming a big believer in juicing. The whole “detoxing” part is debatable so until it’s proven by science, it’s not something I really take seriously. That doesn’t mean the drink itself is not good for you. It has a lot of necessary micro-nutrients that are good for you. People sometimes say the sugar content is too high but you are supposed to eat 5 servings each of vegetables and fruits a day anyway. As long as you are not adding frozen yogurt or unnecessary calories, you will be fine.

The bottom line is if you want to lose weight, you need to eat more fruits and vegetables and this is a good way to meet your daily requirements.


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