Fat Guy Problems

I’m a fat guy. I admit it. Anyways, I am sick and tired of always being bombarded by ads and magazines that pretend they cater to fat people but in reality cater to people that are already fit. “Lose 10 pounds and let those abs show!” Yea, that’s not happening with me.

I am currently 305 pounds. Pretty fat. But I know there are guys out there even heavier than me. This blog is about us. Losing weight is part psychological, laziness, motivation, diet, exercise, and wanting to live a better life.

First, a little about me. I am a single 40 year old man. After high school I went right into the work force and always had a job where I worked 50 hours a week. I grew up with horrible eating habits but I always got enough exercise when I was in school that I was able to get away with it. But once I started working, I stopped exercising. I never had a fast weight gain. I would always gain 4-5 pounds a year. Do that for 20 years and you weigh 300+ pounds. So that was me. I got away with it for a while because I am 6’4″. But eventually, even a tall guy like me will look like a fat ass.

So anyway, this is my blog. I’ll probably post 3 or 4 times a week. I did come across a pretty good green bean recipe that I will add in a separate post. Feel free to say hi or ask questions. My goal is to eventually come up a with a good long term plan for guys over 300 pounds. Once we get down to 220 pounds, then maybe we can start thinking about losing those last 10 pounds to let those abs show!


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